Thank you so very much for putting together the beautiful frame of pictures for us. It is so much more than we expected. The taste and class that your family and business reflects is so very appreciated and respected. We have and always will recommend New England Trim.

Charley and Sandy Tanner

Thanks for rebuilding my passenger seat on our bike. Twelve hundred miles in one week, and the only complaint I have is that I can't stay awake. I am way too comfortable. Amazing! Ladies, if you're uncomfortable, tell your driver they need to contact New England Trim!

Cathy & Nick Luksha

I was at your shop and had my seat done about two weeks ago. Plain vinyl (you had suggested a real grippy type, but then I reconsidered...). Anyway, it was about $100. And so far I'm very pleased with the results! Actually, maybe even the OEM vinyl was too grippy because I'm really liking the "plain" stuff.

Thanks again,

Lindsey, thanks to you, Matt, and the team at New England Trim. I am happy with my Mustang! I got her tank full of gas, and she is sitting happily in the garage. I wiped the water off of her, and she is as happy as can be!

Thanks again,

We just had our truck seats fixed. The job is wonderful and looks like a new truck to me. I am totally satisfied with the work and business.

Thanks again,
Janice LaPierre

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